Water Heaters


  • It takes only ½ second to scald someone in 150ºF water, 1 second in 140ºF water, and 4 minutes in 120 ºF water, according to the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association. Modern water heaters are factory set at 120 ºF, but many older models deliver much higher temperature water. South West Plumbing technicians can inspect and adjust your temperature to ensure safety for your home and family.
  • Any water heater without a working temperature and pressure relief valve is a time bomb waiting to explode. Plumbing and heating technicians encounter too many of these bombs. South West technicians can help identify these kinds of important issues.

Extend the Life of Your Faucets

Treat faucets gently. When turning water on and off, use normal hand pressure only.
Clean chrome fittings with a soft cloth moistened with vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or glass cleaner.
For lacquered brass faucets, use a mild detergent…for un-lacquered brass faucets, brass cream will do the job nicely.
If the brass lacquer coating on your faucets gets scratched, you can prevent tarnishing by coating the scratch with clear nail polish.
Lemon rind works wonders with tarnished brass or copper.
Older steel faucets and fittings can be scrubbed clean with a mild scouring powder.
Have you ever seen those hanging toilet bowl deodorants? Well, don’t buy them. They’re prone to slipping and lodging deep in your plumbing system, and can block the line outright or give grease and other debris something to cling to. Also, certain chlorine tablet cleaners may corrode toilet tank components, and before you know it, you’ve got a major hard-to-get-at leak.
A lemon peel put down your garbage disposal periodically can help keep odors to a minimum.

Water Damage & Restoration


Water Damage Restoration Seattle

Water damage never happens when you are ready for it. That’s why a prompt response from a certified technician is key, to saving your home. We have added a Water Damage and Restoration division, to our already fast and outstanding plumbing service. Many times we are asked to fix a plumbing issue that lead to minor or major water damage in the home. In those cases, we can have our water damage and restoration technicians out to you, faster than anyone.  In any case, we have a responsive team, waiting for your call to get to, and save your home.