carbon monoxide detectors


More and more homes have carbon monoxide detectors, which is good. Many of them have them installed in the vicinity of CO-emitting appliances, which is bad. You want them installed near bedrooms. The biggest risk from CO occurs when people are sleeping.


Water Heaters

It takes only ½ second to scald someone in 150ºF water, 1 second in 140ºF water, and 4 minutes in 120 ºF water, according to the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association. Modern water heaters are factory set at 120 ºF, but many older models deliver much higher temperature water. South West Plumbing technicians can inspect and adjust your temperature to ensure safety for your home and family.
Any water heater without a working temperature and pressure relief valve is a time bomb waiting to explode. Plumbing and heating technicians encounter too many of these bombs. South West technicians can help identify these kinds of important issues.

What’s a “dispatch fee”?

A dispatch fee is the minimum charge for sending a plumbing or heating technician to your home to inspecting/identifying your problem. This is a standard fee and is not related to the day or time of service, or the distance your technician traveled to get to you.

Drain Cleaning


Drain cleaning is an important part of maintaining your plumbing system and extending the life of your pipes. A clogged drain that is left too long isn’t just inconvenient for your family — it can lead to corroded or burst pipes. Call our professional plumbers and drain cleaners next time you encounter a clogged or slow drain. With our 24/7 emergency services and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can rely on Southwest Plumbing to have your drains clear and flowing properly in no time.