Can I speak with a technician about my problem?

Our technicians are dispatched remotely from somewhere out in the three counties we serve, they are rarely at our offices. This is why we insist upon sending someone to your home to properly investigate the situation, explain it to you, and give you the solution on what should be done. You will always be presented with the cost of the job before any work begins. With over 40 fully stocked truck serving the King, Snohomish and Pierce counties, a technician is just a phone call away.


Sewer Services

If we cannot clear the drain due to a broken or collapsed line we can locate the spot and make the needed sewer repairs. There may be tree roots growing into the line, a dislocated joint, the pipe may be crushed, or in some cased back-graded. If a sewer line repair is needed, we offer the traditional trench digging and repair, but also trenchless pipe bursting. With the trenchless technology there will be a lot less damage to your landscaping and it can be an overall quicker/safer option.

Plumbing Techs

South West Plumbing Technicians licensed and can handle the plumbing, sewer, drain cleaning and heating problems you need solved. We have friendly, professional, and uniformed plumbers that are trained on an ongoing basis to ensure that they can investigate, understand, and perform your plumbing service with both precision and accuracy. And it is South West Plumbing’s policy to present the full-cost to you, the customer, before any work begins. We work by the job NOT by the hour, which saves you money. Our technician will inspect and diagnose the situation, and will give you the cost only after doing so, but before any work is done. We always obtain your approval first.