Summer Plumbing Tips

Summer is in full swing! While you are enjoying the sun with family and friends your plumbing may be suffering. With kids out for summer and barbecue weather people tend to have more traffic flowing through their homes which means toilets, faucets, and washing machines may be working extra time. Here are a few plumbing things to keep in mind this summer:

southwest_hook_upsSummer vacation often means kids at home and working up a sweat during outdoor activities. Chances are your washing machine is doing some extra work, so be sure it is running properly. Check the hoses in the back for any possible leaks. If you do need a replacement, the extra money a stainless steel hose costs compared to a rubber hose will be worth it for the added lifetime.

Not only will your washing machine be doing extra work, but with more people home and barbecue guests coming over your toilets and drains will probably be working overtime as well. Keep an eye on any possible clogs, and keep a plunger handy for clearing them up.southwest_toilet

And whenever a problem arises that you cannot solve yourself, remember that the South West Plumbing team is always ready to help!


One thought on “Summer Plumbing Tips

  1. Good advice, I never thought to use stainless hosing, do rubber hoses really fail that often, and what is the reason? I would have thought once installed there would be very little to go wrong, unless for some reason there were a surge in water pressure that caused the pipe to leak or expand.

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