Ways to Conserve Water

According to Washington State’s Department of Ecology, we have a better water supply in 2016 than we did in 2015. Even so, it’s important to pay attention to how much water we use. Along with helping the environment, conserving water can save you money on utility bills.

Follow these tips and do your part to prevent drought:

Fix Leaks
Has your kitchen faucet dripped for months, but you’ve put off getting it fixed? That small drip can waste up to twenty gwaterallons of water a day!

Hiring a Certified Plumber
Even if you haven’t noticed leaks in your home, they may be hiding where you don’t expect. Check your water meter and don’t use any water for two hours. Now, check your water meter again. If the number has changed, call us to check for hidden leaks.

Upgrade Your Toilet
Older toilets use anywhere from 3.5 to 5 gallons per flush-much more water than necessary. Today’s EPA-certified toilets use just 1.1 gallons per flush. You can also choose a toilet with a dual-flush feature, so you have the option of flushing with less water when practical.

We would love to talk with you about installing a modern toilet with environmentally friendly features. You’ll conserve water and enjoy your contemporary toilet.

Don’t Leave the Faucet Running
Many people leave the faucet running while they brush their teeth, wash their hands, or do the dishes. However, they could easily turn it off while performing these activities. For example, you could wash your dishes in a full sink of soapy water rather than using new water for each dish.

Use Your Trash Can, Not Your Toilet
Flushing garbage down the toilet is a quick way to get rid of it. But do you think about how much water this takes? Each time you flush a diaper, a cigarette, or a wrapper, you use up to five gallons of water. Plus, these items can clog your toilet. Avoid a sticky scenario and use your trash can instead.

Wait for Full Loads
If you run your dishwasher or clothes washer every time you want a wash a few items, you use a lot of water. Wait until you get a full load before running your washers. Think about it: running your dishwasher just once a day rather than twice a day can cut your dishwasher’s water use in half!water1

Install Low-Flow Shower Heads
Many shower heads create a larger water supply than you actually need. Why not reduce the amount of water that blasts out of your shower head? With a low-flow shower head, you can still enjoy a warm shower while cutting your water bills.

There are also other ways to conserve water while you shower. For example, you could use water only for rinsing and turn the water off while you scrub.

Water Your Lawn Less
Many homeowners make the mistake of overwatering their lawns, which can actually damage your grass. Your lawn only needs about an inch of water a week. With our frequent Seattle rain, you may not need to water much at all.

During dryer summer weather, you still don’t need to water every day. Rather than sprinkling your lawn each day, give it a deep soak once a week. This allows grass roots to fully absorb the water.


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