Furnace Inspection

01Although living in the Seattle area can be beautiful many parts of the year, we all know how important it is to have a properly functioning heating system in your home once those crisp, wet winters roll around.

Imagine not having heat during the coldest part of winter, only because you forgot about or put off having your heating system checked out.

A simple furnace inspection and check-up is often all it takes to ensure you and your family stay warm all winter long and you don’t have any unexpected issues arise with your HVAC system.

Most furnace manufacturers and HVAC companies recommend having your furnace inspected annually. Some people may think this is just a ploy to help their dealers make money, but it’s not just manufacturers and industry groups who suggest annual inspections. The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency also suggests checking your furnace before cold weather arrives.

Proper inspection by a qualified heating technician should include:

  • Vent system checked for blockages and leaks
  • Combustion gases analyzed and compared to unit specifications
  • Blower access door checked to ensure it makes a tight seal at the furnace
  • Fresh air intake grills and louvers checked for blockages
  • Heat exchanger inspected for corrosion and rust
  • Burners checked for proper ignition, flame sense and burner flame
  • Drainage system checked for blockages and leakages
  • Blower wheel checked for debris and cleaned if necessary
  • Amp-draw test conducted on the blower motor
  • Wiring checked for corrosion and damage
  • Filters checked (should be done more often than annually)

Preparing your heating system for winter is not only about safety. It’s also about preventative maintenance and being prepared for the coldest time of the year. Don’t wait until it gets too cold outside to start making sure your heating system is in proper working order.


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