Appreciate Your Houseplants


Houseplants are a wonderful addition to any home, adding to the fresh scent of living earth, the subtle fragrance of your favorite flower, or just a bit of the outdoors in the indoors. While some people have difficulty being able to sustain these little treasures, it has been shown to be incredibly therapeutic to have this blush of the natural world inside your home.

There are so many things that houseplants can help with when it comes to enhancing your life. Aloe Vera grows quite well indoors, and is perfect for minor cuts and bruises, helping to moisturize skin, and healing minor burns. A small herb garden in our window sill can bring the delicious taste of fresh herbs to your meals, while catnip can make your cats happy. Though you may want to grow those someplace they can’t get to them.

Bring the joy and pleasure of the houseplant into your home. Whether you decide to start growing a small group of flowering plants of their color and fragrance, or a small herb garden to enhance your kitchen, you can really brighten up your home! If you don’t have a green thumb, then try some of the plants that require very little attention. Fill your home with air plants, Aloe Vera, succulents, bamboo or orchids.

These low-maintenance plants are perfect for beginners. If you prefer something a bit more in the realm of vinery, spider plants are perfect. No, they don’t have anything to do with spiders, they just have long thin vines and delicate leaves that are somewhat reminiscent of insect. For the ambitious gardener, you can dive into creating a small window garden full of beautiful flowers and deliciously savory herbs. Plants give you wonderful rewards for everything you put in. For all the little nooks and crannies in your home, fill them with plants!


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